It took me almost 6 months to prepare properly for this expedition. I liked cycling as everyone else but usually I didn’t have so much time to go on longer trips. A dozen or so kilometres was the maximum. It was until the moment when I decided that I would tour Europe. I had to change my approach completely and use every opportunity to improve my condition, get used to a long ride in the saddle or prepare to sleep in the forest or camping regardless of the weather. I started intensively still in winter and it’s really cold in my place, and on the third night under the tent I had minus 10 degrees Celsius. Brrr cold but I managed. Was I prepared? On average. It was minus degree, the sleeping bag was holding me poorly, my head was freezing and I didn’t even have a gas cooker, which was a big mistake.

So it was high time to search the Internet forums and blogs to find information. It was important to me that the equipment was tested on the move and lightweight. The lighter things the lighter my bike will be. Time went quickly, shopping was done and finally I started to feel like a racial traveller. Sleeping in the forest gave me a lot of fun, and making 50 km was no longer a problem. Nothing could stop me from making my dreams come true. I only counted down the time….

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