Sweden (2) Wrong direction…

Mönsterås-Järnaviks camping

I got up full of energy and hoping that there would be no unpleasant surprises. Sweden is beautiful. Beautiful picturesque towns, beautiful building, nature and not too much traffic on the road. It was easy to drive. I took a break in Ekö-badplats, where it was nice to bathe in the pool and eat cold ice cream.  There was also sunbathing. And it wasn’t easy because it was very warm, the temperature was above 30 degrees Celsius. It went down to the early afternoon and I moved on. After a few hours I found a nice place to pitch the tent.  It was at the beach, in the forest, right on the sea shore. Beautiful surroundings and quiet. Something to eat and I went to sleep quickly.

The morning was interesting because I was awakened by volunteers from the community who came to clean up the area. And since they didn’t have time to wait, I had to pack up quickly and go on the road. It looked funny when they stood around and looked at what was going on. They were curious….

Plan for the next day is to get to the area around Ronneby. I didn’t have GPS, but navigation on the phone and of course I got lost when I passed Vissefjärda. It wasn’t possible to drive through the terrible heat and I decided to take a longer break.  I found a very nice wild camping (close to Guttemåla). As it turned out later it wasn’t very wild, because every now and then the locals were coming to the water. In Sweden you can generally pitch a tent where you want. Soon afterwards, from the side, he stood there as well as mine. Swimming, food, bathing and the noise of the forest… To live without dying.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t light the fire. There was a general ban because of the fire danger (and a lot of forests were already on fire). Whole day on sandwiches and fruits.

taking morning bath

The next day I reached Ronneby, or rather the suburbs. GPS somehow led me so I had to come back because there was a highway in front of me. I would have lost some 2 hours and here I had to go only a bit to turn right. I took the risk. I entered the highway or expressway, left on the roundabout and 500 meters to the exit to the right. Luckily there was no police. I had only a little fear of cars which was passing me and they were driving for sure over 100 kilometers per hour. Anyway, I managed to do it. Happiness:-)

A normal, quiet ride all the way to Järnaviks camping where I planned to get there in the evening. Of course, I wanted to shorten the road and drive from behind to make it faster and normal. I missed right path in the forest. Instead I went to the very top of the nearest hill where there was a wind turbine.

Although I had information that there was a path to the camping site, I could not find it. It was getting dark and I lost about 1.5 hours. I had to go back and look for another way. Eventually I was successful, I drove through a nature reserve and, bitten by mosquitoes, I arrived. The band a the camping place was just starting to play, so I quickly crashed, took a bath and went for a beer. I don’t remember what it was like but it tasted incredibly good. It was a nice evening with music.

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