Sweden (3) Åhus

Järnaviks camping – Åhus Absolut

Do you remember how I wrote that tents are treated like dogs? This is exactly what I have experienced today. I got up in the morning in the full sun, it was very hot and I felt like sardine in a sauce. And the campers have place in the shade. Injustice. Next time I have to come up with something. After a quick toilet, it’s time for breakfast. I bought fresh bread rolls and ate the rest of the cheese from the previous day. By the way, I met a very nice German woman, Wiebke, who spent her holidays in Sweden. She came from Berlin and I’ll meet her and when you’ll see her soon. Because of this meeting I left the campsite late but it was worth it. The direction of Karlshamn because it will be for a moment flatter and above all beautiful. I liked it so much that I could live in this seaside town.

The next days were hard because it was very hot and there was a bit of uphill, often I just had to get off my bike because it was too steep.
Oatmeals with yoghurt gave me extra energy. In Sweden the heat records were broken and I sometimes did only 30 km a day. It didn’t work any more because I was losing strength quickly. Sometimes this is the case.

Soon I reached Åhus-Kristianstad where I wanted to stay for at least 1 day. It is a holiday resort with delicious ice cream and a vodka factory. I was so tired that I found the campsite, which turned out to be very cool but nightmarishly expensive. I paid something like EUR 48 per night. https://firstcamp.se/destination/ahus-kristianstad/ . At least there was a lot of free space and I could choose it in the shade. Finally there was time to cook something warm (that day there was goulash with pasta – delicious). During the day I went for a walk around the area with obligatory ice cream in Otto Glassfabriken and a visit to the beach.

The ice cream was delicious! For the time being, the best I ate, with the obligatory chocolate coating, which was cracking after the bite. I recommend it to everyone, and the ice cream parlours in Visby, Gotland, unfortunately, are far behind.

Best ice-creams up to now OTTO

The next day the direction to the vodka producer ABSOLUT. I wasn’t lucky because only the souvenir shop was open and the museum was closed until September. I didn’t buy vodka but it was an interesting experience. That day I managed to do about 70 kilometers which became my new record and after a night I reached a wild camping site in a deaf ear. It was really only a field near the forest with a place to pitch a tent for free. Beer, sandwiches and sleep. Soon I will finally reach Trelleborg and then by ferry to Germany.

By the way you have to try Spettekaka (spiddekaga in native Scanian) is a local dessert of the southern parts of Sweden, chiefly in the province of Skåne but also in Halland. It is an important part of the Scanian culinary heritage. The name means “cake on a spit”, and this describes the method of preparation. It is the Swedish variation on the spit cake. A mixture consisting mainly of eggs, potato starch flour and sugar is rolled slowly onto a skewer which is being rotated over an open fire or other heat source. The dessert thus produced is very dry. It is then wrapped in a subsequently sealed plastic bag to preserve its dryness. To stay crisp, the cake should only be unwrapped at the actual moment it is to be eaten.

Spettekaka – speciality from Skåne

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