Poland (8) Castle like Hogwarts


Very nice campsite with swimming pool and very large campsite. There was also a bar with beer and food. Lots of space and I even managed to make sandwiches. They will be on the road instead of energy bars. It took me all morning to talk to the owner. He’s been running this place for 15 years and he’s very happy. There’s not much money from the business but enough to survive. What he likes most about what he does is meeting new people and listening to their stories.

Today I had a hard time driving and I did only 35 km. The next day I had to speed up because I wanted to get near the Czech border. I was talked to by young people who did not believe that I was going to Turkey. It seemed unrealistic to them but when I started talking about adventures and the route they couldn’t stop listening to me. So remember to realize your dreams and not to be afraid. Life hates a vacuum and somehow it will always work out.

After several kilometers I reached the Moszna castle (Moszna translated into English mean Nutsack) located in Moszna, Chateau street 1 – easy to remember.. . It looked a bit like the Hogwards in Harry Potter. I was surprised by the number of tourists – where they came from, I did not pass too many of them on the way. The castle was nice, a little bit deep, paid entrance (2 eur) but I had no time left. I had to get to a camping site under the mountains in the evening from where my base was to the Czech Republic. There was no interesting place on the way to sleep in the wild.

After about 40 minutes of driving it was falling apart terribly. I had a similar situation in Latvia (when I slept in a closed sauna, among fresh honey). Because it didn’t want to stop, I moved on and in this rain I arrived to my destination, completely wet. The first time I pitch a tent in full rain and I got a little wet in the middle but there was no other option. An evening beer at the local disco and to eat I made myself a spatzle with Knorr mushroom sauce (tragic sauce in taste, do not buy). I overeated a little but tomorrow I will burn everything in the mountains. Nice day it was.

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