Czech Republic (3) What a meeting!!!

Tábořiště Tydra Moravičany-Lukavice-Autokemp Přehrada Mostkovice

I spent one night in a very nice place at Prehada campsite. I’ll skip the fact that to get there, you had to climb a very high hill. But the sumarum was worth it. I always try to set some goals for my expedition. The places I want to see, who I want to meet, where to sleep. This time one of such ideas was that I will sleep in a small hut in the Czech Republic. Why? Um… and why not?

I was very lucky as the season was slowly coming to an end and the price was very bargain. Only a little higher, because 230 CZK compared to pitch a tent of 140 CZK. The cottage itself is a simple wooden building with a small area. There was nothing special inside except 2 beds and a small table. But this atmosphere and this smell created an interesting combination. And it didn’t rain on my head and I didn’t have to crash on the square again and in the morning the sun didn’t heat up too much and I could work with a computer. It was worth it!

But I was here about the hut but there was a much more interesting meeting. Do you remember maybe when I wrote about a couple from France who travel around Europe? I met them in Augustow 3 weeks ago. And here, today, I go out in front of the cottage and who do I see? Friendly faces of the French fellows. I’ll just say what a coincidence. Think! – about 800 kilometers away, almost a month later and we meet in another country, at the same time, at the same campsite (among hundreds of other places), where their bikes have a big problem to enter (they had to push them often)… Did it happen to you too? I don’t believe in cases.

Tomorrow I’m heading for Brno.

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