Austria (1) Greetings from Austria


I spent the last 350 crowns on food to get rid of the change. I bought cans, chips and chocolates at the Coop shop. I ran out of 10 kroner, but the salesman gave it to me as a gift. And I inflated the wheel even though they wouldn’t lend me a pump at the bicycle shop. These are the kind of attractions…

The south of Bohemia, at the border with Austria is very nice, although there were some hills. The vast fields with grapes form a very nice landscape. The artificial lake Nesyt and a lot of attractions like vineyards, museums and monuments. It is worth seeing it!

The Reistna Colonnade on Homole Hill near Valtice was built by Prince John Joseph I of Liechtenstein in memory of the late brothers Philip and Alois I and the late father Francis Joseph I. It is built as a Greek triumphal arch and has a viewing platform on the roof.
From the roof you can see Mikulov with the castle and Svatý kopeček, the largest Moravian pond in Nesyt, the Little Carpathian Mountains in Slovakia, and the ruins of Falkenstein Castle in Slovakia.

The perfect place to take a wedding photo session!

Crossing the border was trivial. No gates, no barriers, just Schengen. Landscape change striking. A little bit green-moonlight. Even more order, neat villages and pretty towns.

A day of quiet driving, no shopping because the shops are closed. Weather nice and so many tourists that I barely managed to find a camping place. A chat with a nice German on a motorcycle and I was surrounded by families with children. They woke me up several times at night.

In the morning I gathered quickly and I was surrounded by German pensioners. Well, they won’t let me get to Vienna today haha…

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