Czech Republic (5) Eurovelo 9/13


With its 2,050 km, EuroVelo 9 – Baltic-Adriatic may not be the longest EuroVelo route but it doesn’t mean that this route does not have a lot to offer. Rivers, seas and mountains are on the checklist, and EuroVelo 9 is packed full of adventures over its short distance. Start with a refreshing ride on the Baltic coast and finish the trip with a relaxing swim in the Adriatic Sea.

In between you can enjoy welcoming local communities with exquisite culinary traditions in Poland, Czechia, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. This route is sometimes called the Amber Route as historically the precious stone amber, found in the Baltic region, was taken by routes such as this to the Mediterranean Sea!

I crossed my route with Eurovelo 13 which retraces this ‘Iron Curtain’, a border stretching from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea. Following this route for more than 9,950 km is a living history lesson but also provides a welcome reminder of the peace and reconciliation that have followed the fall of the ‘Curtain’.

As the longest EuroVelo route, the Iron Curtain Trail has something to offer every type of cycle tourist, from the vineyards in southern Czechia and northern Austria to the mountainous border of Bulgaria and Greece and from the bustling ports of the Baltic States to the stark beauty of Lapland.

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