Austria (2) Vienna


How much you can admire Vienna – infinitely. This time, however, I won’t be able to give you pictures of the popular attractions that can be found thousands on the Internet. Anyway, I arrived and drove through the city relatively quickly – if you drive for about 1.5 hours you can call it fast. As I wrote, it is difficult to drive in such a big traffic. I have already visited Vienna several times and there was no point in seeing the same thing again. And that’s still ahead of me.

Vienna itself, as a city, has an amazing atmosphere and I could spend a week there in peace. Streets, shops and a mixture of nationalities. But I was awaiting to see the Balkans. Sleeping on a campsite under the city (lots of space and reasonable prices) and I’m going again, all the more so as I’m about to go along beautiful canals.

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