About me

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My name is Niklas and cycling tours are one of my passions. The second, but very important is cooking, with which I have been professionally involved for a few years.

I won't write that I have been cycling since I was a child because it can't be fully defined. The fact that when I was young I had a bicycle, but later high school, studies, several years of work in corporations and frequent business trips caused that I put it on the side track.  I didn't have time, I didn't want to, I caught various excuses.

When I decided to take up something else in my life, I noticed that there was some more free time. I started to go back slowly to two circles. First short distances, then a few dozen kilometers. I was getting fit and experienced. The culmination was my journey around Europe, which made me want to continue this adventure. 5000 km is definitely not enough.

I want to meet new people, feel the taste and smell of local specialties but most of all I want to discover new places.  I think I have something of a traveller (certainly a family one).

I run this blog because I want to share my thoughts, adventures and experience with you. I hope that I will be an inspiration for someone to start adventures with two circles.

Currently I am on my worldwide expedition. You are more then welcome to see the blog and my posts.