Primus Omnifuel II for propan-butan, bensin, diesel, kerosin etc
Primus Omnifuel service kitservice parts just in case
Primus Fuel bottle 0,6 lhad 1 liter but replaced with smaller one
Primus power gas 450 genough for 2 weeks cooking. Prefer to take bigger one.
Toaks titanum ultralight setvery light, have not used a pan yet
Titanum fork, knife and spoonlight and good
Outdoor wood stove alternative for gas fuel
Stainless steel mug
Foldable camping grillgreat but it is a bit too heavy for me
Opinel no 12 knive foldablegood choice with larger blade
Water bottles
Tea strainerusing almost every day
Travel immersion heaterusing electricity to cook water
Gas stove bottle adapter

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